Colors and roots.

Cuauhtémoc Trejo Peraza is a versatile Mexican artist born and raised in Chetumal, Quintana Roo. Temoc (his artistic name) has quite an unique perspective on life which allows him to develop beyond the logic, allowing his mind to transport thoughts to an infinity of creative worlds in which multiple forms of being.

His post-secondary studies were accomplished in Canada, where he focused on Art and Design Foundation, specializing in Graphic Design and Advertisement. There, he developed a singularity of skills like painting, illustration and photography, merging all of them with his creativity. One of the distinctive characteristics is the artistic expression mixed with his Mayan roots. These enrich his work with a powerful energy embodied into many colours and passion.

Living abroad Temoc has discovered new ways of expression, being photography and painting one of the favourites. Through those medium’s he captured and and create art, inspired fully by the people and the observation of the daily life.

At the present moment Temoc is developing his own style using lithographic pens and experimenting with a diversity of linear strokes and shapes.